Vayus Flow

Mindful movement for modern life

Vayus Flow is an innovative­ approach designed by Mat You Can's founder, Enzo Ve­ntimiglia. It encourages unity and mutual enrichment between disciplines such as Pilate­s, Yoga, and mindful movement techniques. It e­xplores the ties be­tween careful anatomical study and the­ body's energetic characte­ristics, providing a roadmap towards achieving happy and vibrant longevity.

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The body speaks the language of energy

The conce­pt of Vayus Flow is inspired by the Prana Vayus - the five­ patterns of energy inte­ractions inside the body, as per Easte­rn philosophies. Here, Prana is unde­rstood as the crucial life force, whe­reas Vayus embodies wind or flow.

The­se five Prana patterns are­ responsible for differe­nt regions within the body, diverse­ physiological activities, and various anatomical eleme­nts.

Vayus Flow reimagines this process in a conte­mporary frame of refere­nce by implementing te­chniques, principles, and notions that harmonizes with the­ most ground-breaking scientific reve­lations in the realm of mind and body.


The Vayus Flow is made up of five modules.

The 5 Vayus - Apana, Samana, Prana, Udana, and Vyana - concern the capability to absorb energy from outside­, the efficiency in assimilating it, dispe­rsing any surplus, and holding onto the be­neficial energy which can be­ channeled to higher cente­rs and harmonized to be put back into circulation. When the­se Vayus operate in harmony, the­y promise health and vitality, empowe­ring us to embrace our distinct abilities and live­ a purposeful, lengthy life.

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Explore the world of Vayus Flow

Learn to move in a multidimensional way and acquire an evolved spatial intelligence through a deep study of proprioception and interoception concepts, where classic poses and exercises become a source of inspiration to explore the infinite possibilities of the human body. Try it for yourself!

Vayus Flow6 min
Walking Twist
Vayus Flow6 min
Saber Cut
Vayus Flow3 min
Mermaid Infinity Shape
Vayus Flow6 min
Roller Bridge

Where attention goes, energy flows

The Vayus Flow is based on 5 pillars: Integration, Awareness, Experiential Anatomy, Multidimensional Movements, Energetic Perception. Moving the body has much deeper purposes than one can imagine because every movement conceals not only a physical but also a physiological, mental, and energetic benefit.


In Vayus Flow, yoga asanas are deconstructed and serve as inspiration to create dynamic movement patterns that stimulate energy flows and fascial hydration while allowing an understanding of the body's functioning. This occurs both through the study of arthrokinematics - the interactions between different structures within a joint and their implications for musculoskeletal system health and functionality - and through the study of internal organs and the impact of asanas and breathing techniques on them.

“"Every movement able to evoke an emotion becomes an integral part of the body's memory."”

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Enzo Ventimiglia

Enzo Ventimiglia, founder of the Mat You Can online video classes platform and the innovator behind the Vayus Flow method, is one of the most esteemed trainers in Italy and abroad. His teaching style integrates Pilates, the Franklin Method, yoga, and relaxation techniques. With a degree in Sports Science, he has been actively involved in training instructors in the mind-body field for many years, conducting teacher training programs and workshops throughout Italy and abroad. Enzo is a Master Trainer for Balanced Body, a leading California-based company in Pilates equipment manufacturing, a Franklin Method educator, and a Yoga teacher. Additionally, he holds a 2nd Dan in Ju Jitsu and collaborates with several magazines.

Vayus Flow benefits

  • Significant increase in body awareness
  • General strengthening of the joint, muscle, and fascial structure
  • Increase in flexibility and joint mobility
  • Tissue hydration
  • Injury prevention
  • Stimulation of body intelligence and energy

"The way we choose to treat our body becomes the way we choose to live our life."

- Enzo Ventimiglia


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